Facing the big lodges of port wine to which it gave its name across the river Douro, Porto is Portugal´s second largest city and there is a certain feeling of rivalry towards Lisbon. But although its ancient roots have been preserved with pride, a modern and lively commerce makes it a thriving city and its traditional importance as an industrial center does not diminish the charm and character of its old quarters or even of the newer and busy avenues, shopping centers and quiet residential blocks.

Ribeira The genuine city is visible at the quarter of Ribeira ("River-bank"), right by the river. Narrow and winding streets, dark arcades, typical houses with colourful façades set in a place which preserves the charm of sites marked by history, full of contrasts and curious characteristics. At night, the Ribeira acquires liveliness and animation, being one of the most sought after spaces, due to the numerous and pleasant restaurants, esplanades and nightclubs.

Cathedral Built in the 12th century, in the Roman style, it was later modified for several times and the original architecture was altered. Inside, it is worth admiring the paintings by Nicolau Nasoni, the silver altarpiece of the Holy Sacrament, the João Gordo ("Fat John") Chapel and the cloister. At the southern tower, there are still two standard measures engraved in the stone, the last vestiges of the Medieval fair which took place in the large Cathedral' s grounds.